The film is produced and directed by Ken Glazebrook and Alla Kovgan.

Ken Glazebrook, director, producer, cinematographer

For four years, Ken Glazebrook produced and distributed Spirit of Dance, a monthly one-hour television program about all types of dance. The programs aired at Cape Cod Community Television (C3TV) in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts, USA and became a valuable addition to the dance film collections of the New York and Toronto Public Libraries, university dance departments and individuals around the US and Canada. Ken Glazebrook has also produced a number of programs about artists, children and adults with disabilities, traditional Scottish musicians, and a series with the psychologist Henry Smith-Rohrberg on past-life regression. He teaches classes on documentary filmmaking at C3TV. He lives on Cape Cod (Massachusetts, USA) where he also makes furniture and grows organic fruits and vegetables.

Alla Kovgan, director, producer, editor

Alla Kovgan is a film / video maker, curator and teacher from Moscow (Russia) who has lived and worked in Boston since 1996. Her 16mm films and videos (Aching, Belongings, Surface, Clara Wainwright: Tales of a Community Quilt) have been screened at film festivals and theatrical venues around the US, Canada, and Europe including Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, MA), DeCordova Museum (Lincoln, MA), Antimatter Film Festival (Victoria, BC), East Art Gallery (Hungary), EuroUnderground (Poland), Napolidanza (Italy), Festival Internacional de Video Danza (Buenos Aires, Argentina), and others. Besides films and videos, Alla's media of expression and exploration encompass multimedia performances, interactive video projections and other image/sound/body collaborations with dancers and musicians. Together with Jeff Silva, she curates Balagan Experimental Film and Video Series at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Boston, recognized by the Boston Film Critics Society as the “best film series of 2001”. Alla has received grants from LEF Foundation, Brookilne Commission for the Arts, American Consulate in St. Petersburg (Russia), Boston First Night Foundation and others. Among Alla’s recent endeavors are a dance/film/construction collaboration-performance Body Tales (2001) and Blind Spot #2 (2002), teaching (together with Deirdre Towers of Dance Films Association, New York) two international Dance on Camera workshops and curating and presenting six dance-film programs at the Kannon Dance School of Modern Dance and ProArte Institute of New Media in St. Petersburg, Russia (summer 2001, winter 2002, spring 2003) and coordinating a forum on " the Challenges in Designing Dance Video Courses" (New York, 2003).


Dance Films Association (New York City)
The LEF Foundation (Boston)
Arts Foundation of Cape Cod
Cape Air
Bliss Glazebrook, in memory of her husband Arnold H. "Bunny" Glazebrook

Festival International de Nouvelle Danse

Chantal Pontbriand, director
Diane Boucher, Dena Davida, associate directors
Irena Malyholowka , director of communications
Sylvie Menard, press coordinator


Nathalie Marie-Curry
Marites Carino
Cleo Myers


Ian Gouldstone
Alla Kovgan


Alla Kovgan
Karin Segal


Anne Checler
Alyssa Knoll

Fiscal Agent

Dance Films Association, Deirdre Towers, director

Other Film Contributors

Ed Etsten
Dave Dewees
Howard Green
Terry Duenas
Heather Kapplow
Heidi and Dan Wolf

Edna Dutra

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