There are several ways you can get involved in helping the film:

Spread a word...
We would like the film to be seen by as many people as possible around the world so we would love if you could watch it yourself and recommend it to others. By spreading the word about our film, you are contributing to introducing more and more people to African Dance and raising interest in African Culture. Click order to find out about different options for purchasing a VHS copy of the film for individuals and organizations.

Organize a screening...
The film is an invaluable resource for dancers, choreographers, dance historians, critics, anthropologists and all those interested in African culture. We would love to bring the film to its audiences on the big screen at your school, local cinema, conference, dance/film festival, community center, etc. Together with Dance Films Association, we can even help you to organize a film/video series on African Dance or other types of Dance. "African Dance: Sand, Drum and Shostakovich" will be part of the "Mostly Africa" Program at the Dance on Camera Festival 2003 in New York City. It is possible to bring this program or any other festival program to your venue. Please, e-mail your ideas and proposals to

Make a contribution...
We need your ideas about different ways to distribute the film, broadcast it and bring it to a diverse range of audiences. Please, e-mail all your ideas to

We also need your financial assistance. We are still paying our bills and trying to raise $10,000 to release our film on DVD in both English and French. The DVD release will allow us to better preserve the film because, as you may know, the tape format tends to deteriorate with time, and to expand our audiences around the world. Since half of the companies in the film are French speaking, we feel that it is our responsibility to bring the film to the audiences of their countries in their native language.

If you would like to make a contribution, please e-mail us at Your contribution can be tax-deductible.

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